Behavior Consulting

Welcome. My name is Signe Fenja, I am a cert. positive reinforcement dog trainer and cert. dog behavior consultant. I work full time at Dyreværet Rescue Center and am responsible for the care, training and rehabilitation of the dogs.

I offer professional and personalized dog behavioural consulting for rescuedogs – fear free, reward based, positive reinforcement only and of course scientifically proved, contemporary training methods.

Is your dog exhibiting problematic behavior, such as reactivity or fearful responses, separation distress, excessive predatory behavior, generalised stress or constant attention seeking, intense guarding or aggression?

  • Reactivity or fearful responses when encountering dogs or people
  • Separation distress – I can’t take on new clients with this issue at the moment/march 2022
  • Fear or phobias, eg. fear of staircases, car rides, fireworks, thunder, objects…
  • Chases cars, bikes, runners or other animals
  • Is stressed or constantly seeking your attention with various attempts, eg. excessive barking, biting, jumping
  • Fearful or aggressive behavior in various forms
  • Intense guarding of food, people, spaces or objects

To change problematic behavior, I teach a wide range of tools which include various management strategies to prevent the dog from exhibiting the behavior or experiencing the triggers/stressors. Extensive work on changing any negative conditioned emotional responses, and also teach the dog new strategies (e.g. incompatible behavior) to the previous, unwanted behavior. This is supported by empowerment training to boost your dog’s confidence and resilience to everything that life brings!

Behavioural consulting include a 2 hour consultation in your home with thorough instructions on relevant exercises and management tools, stress reduction etc., then a written complete training plan and a one-hour follow up session or two half hour follow up sessions via Zoom.

Total DKK 2850 (incl. VAT) in Copenhagen/Nordsjælland area. Payment via mobilepay during the first visit.

Please email me at